So I made these shorts

And I seriously wear them every chance I get.

I tried on a million pairs of jeans and finally found a pair at the local thrift. Requirements included a medium/light weight denim, black/faded black, high waist, good butt pockets (duh), and NO stretch! Don’t want that pesky lycra getting in the way of all that glorious ragged FRINGE!

photos after the jump!

So I’m back home and ready to cut.  I get so nervous cutting pants into shorts! I always think the angle or something is going to be wrong so I fold the pant leg in half and use the original hem as a guide. & they always come out perfect so I’m not sure what the nerves are about. Anyways,  after wearing them a couple times and machine washing them as much as possible to bring out the strings and get a more faded abused look I finally decided to stud them. This included my yellow leather couch, two sets of pliers, box of studs, and 90 degree weather. Lets just say I was going to do the entire front of these and then decided enough was enough. I was too hot and my finger tips were throbbing! Oh, yeah and I was sitting on a leather couch, genius.

DIY shorts with a previous lover Front of the DIY shorties

Quitting early was a bit easier because I was working one row at a time on both sides. This way lets you visualize the end look better too! My favorite part about the shorts is that I used silver, gold, and black studs on them. It gives them so much more depth and interest…I’m considering starting another pair that are full studs on the front. Every where I go in those things, I swear, I have a huge red arrow pointing down above my head.  & yes, that is how I like it.

Who’s dying for me to make them a pair?


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