So we took an extended weekend trip to Oxnard to go to Sound and Fury. The store is pretty empty right now, thanks to all of you who picked up a piece on Sunday! I got all the shipping out this AM and now we’re shooting all the fabulous items I snuck away from the music to find for you lovely ladies. Get ready to be blown away! Store update Thursday with the first batch.


A couple of the very few pictures I took of the trip!

I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of my outfits…

First night

First night! Wheres the rest of my outfit?! ugggggh acid wash and shiny legging/wannabe leather pants ❤

More pictures….

Cute Shirt Love

Cute shirt love!

rent a cops blow

rent a cops being jerks to one of the bands.

Shout out to Iron Age for letting us sleep on your hotel floor!

Last day

Last day! Just imagine, heavily embroidered ethnic hat, stud shorts (in previous blog), my fav fav light weight rayon buffalo check button down with the sleeves rolled up and of course my combat boots. That lovely mesh you see is part of a one piece bathing suit with a HUGE cutout at back and a sweetheart bustline (yeah, the button up came off quite a bit). Oh, and totally rad hair from spending the night at  the beach. I was trying to hone my inner ganster punk. Gahhhhh why do I not have a picture of this? Anyways it was fun, get ready for the rest of those Items to hit the store!



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